The Mechanical Integrity and Incident Investigation Written Plans were updated this week to encompass the addition of an Acceptable Task Frequency Window. Essentially, this provides written guidance on task-scheduling slippage. The majority of the change is in the MI element:

Note that this written guidance directs you to the Incident Investigation element if you find that tasks are sliding outside the acceptable window. The only change in that element was to provide this schedule slipping as an example of an event that should be considered a Process Upset/Interruption.

A hat tip to the IRC at the University of Madison Wisconsin for bringing this idea to our attention in their excellent book Principles and Practices of Mechanical Integrity Guidebook for Industrial Refrigeration Systems. We’ve somewhat altered their suggested schedule and our integration into the standard template program wraps it into the Incident Investigation element to deal with those times that our tasks slip outside the acceptable task frequency window. 

As always, the updated Written Plans are available on the shared drive.

Update: Minor change made to the PHA Element Written Plan to correct a numbering issue. Thanks Mindy!